Roberts & Ryan Investments to Host Corporate Access Events During Pandemic

Roberts & Ryan Investments to Host Corporate Access Events During Pandemic

​​​​​It is during these uncertain times that Roberts & Ryan Investments, Inc. made the decision on Wednesday, March 11, to implement their continuity of business plan, putting into action the remote systems and protocols they designed to address the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Since then, their employees have been executing trades, reaching out to new customers, and staying in contact with their clients and partners from fully equipped home offices.

In their continuing efforts to provide the investment community with pertinent and timely information from companies and industry veterans, Roberts and Ryan will hold a series of corporate access events.

Roberts & Ryan continues to operate uninterruptedly in the equity and debt capital markets. Their sales and business development efforts continue as well.

On Thursday, March 19, they remote-hosted a corporate access event for their clients and potential new customers with Gordon Bethune, the former CEO of Continental Airlines. Mr. Bethune provided invaluable insights and answered many questions addressing how the coronavirus is affecting the industry’s current status and how it will create future challenges to the airline industry.

On Tuesday, March 31, they will be hosting a conference call with John Thomas, President and CEO of Physicians Realty Trust. Mr. Thomas is an expert in Tax Law and Healthcare Policy and was co-founder and chairman of the Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Healthcare. Mr. Thomas has relationships with over 25 national operators and healthcare delivery systems, with whom he has worked to develop and acquire healthcare facilities occupied by these healthcare delivery systems and operators. He is uniquely positioned to offer insight on the industry. Topics of discussion will include, but not be limited to: a brief overview of DOC, insight into the growth of infected coronavirus patients and how hospitals can support the increase of patients, industry preparedness, evolution of Medical Office Buildings and how the pandemic will impact healthcare overall.

Physicians Realty Trust owns over 250 medical properties consisting of hospitals and medical buildings. Please contact Jim McDevitt at or 646-542-0019 for more information on the upcoming event and all future events.

“The Roberts & Ryan Team will stand tall, continuing to offer superb services while supporting the veteran community. We wish that you and your families are safe, and we pray for our fellow Americans during these turbulent times,” stated Brian Rathjen, President.

About Roberts & Ryan Investments, Inc.

Roberts & Ryan Investments, Inc. is one of America’s first Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVO), FINRA-registered broker-dealers, located in New York, NY, Dallas, TX and Seal Beach, CA.

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